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Nexo Stool by Elemento Diseño

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For ultimate organization in your home designers Emmanuel González and Jaime Zúñig from Elemento Diseño have created Nexo stool. Made of organic wood this little round three-legged stool features a bag from reinforced cloth that can be used to store your dirty laundry or something else. The thing is that when the bag is stuffed it makes a quiet comfy cushion.

Nexo Stool by Elemento Diseño

Elemento Diseño specializes in creative design and creates interesting bright furniture that will suit any modern decor. From bookcases to tables in various shapes and forms and bright colors you will find something eye-catching. For example, a Cuerda table with a hanging shelf attached to it with a bright rope or Cok coffee table with an interesting design in the center where you can place a cup or glass.

Another great space-conscious product by Elemento Diseño is Silla Bi chairs that can be stacked and form shelf or table. Fun, mobile and space saving. Ar is another coffee table that allows to store things in its internal shelf while its bright and unusual design will give a kick to your home decor.

Nexo stool is quiet multifunctional, though. You can store anything in that bag, given it’s soft and solve a problem of storing dirty clothes. It’s perfect for those who love organizing things but also small-spaced homes. Cool idea. What do you think about Nexo?

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