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Old Warehouse Conversion

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This old warehouse originally built in 1930s in San Francisco was converted into a modern home by Natoma Architects and a designer Stanley Saitowitz. The 10,000 square foot building that used to serve as an auto repair shop at one point now has bedrooms and bathrooms, a fireplace, kitchen and laundry, powder room and a living area.

Old Warehouse Conversion

The house is very industrial featuring high ceilings, exposed metal pipes, and columns but the exterior is partially covered with greenery which can be seen in the bedroom as well as from the huge windows in the living room.

The library is created with two red book shelvings placed parallel from each other with a desk set between them. They also add a pop of color to the mix of brown and metallic gray that dominates the house’s color scheme.

The house features a spiral staircase that hangs from the roof and adds a lot to the industrial feel of the house.

Old Warehouse Conversion

The kitchen features multiple skylights overhanging the 39 foot kitchen counter that also serves as a dining table. Skylights can be seen throughout the house inviting more natural light in.

The bedroom is probably the most interesting room in the house. It features a large skylight with a green wall under it creating a great contrast with the unfinished concrete walls, smooth stone tile floors, and general industrial building atmosphere.

The bathroom in the house is made of white tiled units that include a bathroom with a rain shower fixture and a long mirrored vanity with two sinks. The towels are stored on the glass wall shelves that are built into a bathtub unit.

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Old Warehouse Conversion

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