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Outdoor Decor: Repurposing Old Doors

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Beside using an old but very beautiful door in a garden fence as an entry there are quite a few ways of repurposing it in the outdoors. There are furniture tutorials that help you build tables, shelvings and consoles out of old doors and there are many ways of reusing old doors in the house. But here are some more ideas on decorating outdoors with them.

Ideas For Repurposing Old Doors

Repurposing Old Doors For Decorating Outdoors


A door can make a great trellis especially if it features a design similar to one. What can be a cheaper and a prettier support for climbing and crawling plants? Place it against the wall or a fence where you plan to plant your vines but prepare the door prior to that. You can paint it or, on the opposite, treat it with sandpaper to get an old, shabby chic look.


A bench is another way to reuse an old door as well as decorate the outdoors. It can serve as a back rest or the door can be divided into pieces to form the future bench. Add rope in the picture and there you can make an outdoor swing.


You can also build an arbor out of double doors which will act as posts for it as well as adding beams to make the roof. With some additional materials and tools old doors can be used to build a garden shed.


Whether you want privacy at home or outdoors a screen is a perfect tool for dividing and protecting space from prying eyes. Three old doors can be hinged together and make for a folding screen. Paint them, repaint them, give them an old look, but make sure they complement your garden or yard.

As you see there are plenty of ways of giving new life to an old door. You can also attach shelves to it to display planter pots or simply hang your favorite plant on the door. Some have also repurposed doors as creative wedding menus for their outdoor weddings.

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    Love your repurposed old doors! I’ve got several but can’t figure out to stand them up in the yard. Any ideas?

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