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Eclectic Decorating Style

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Eclectic style combines various styles, time periods, colors, textures, and patterns. It is all about mixing and matching different things from various styles to create unique decor. There are almost no boundaries in eclectic style so it is a matter of taste and style when it comes to choosing what things to use in the decor.

Eclectic Decorating Style

Since eclectic style is really a combination of many different things and styles in one room or home they should match and mix very well. That is textures, colors, and patterns should look good together whether they match or create a nice contrast.

There is only one rule in creating an eclectic style decor – it should look consistent and harmonious. Different styles may create certain contrasts but the whole picture should still look united rather than chaotic. Use color, patterns, and focal points to tie it all in together.

Eclectic Interior Designs:

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