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Gothic Decorating Style

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If thinking about Gothic decorating style you imagine an all-black room cluttered with skulls and bats then you need to read this. Gothic decorating style is not about depression and everlasting night recreated in your interior. Gothic style in decor is all about grandeur and drama. It is also about all the intricate details that used to make Gothic architecture stand out.

Gothic Decorating Style

Originating as an architectural style in 12th century Gothic design direction relied heavily on ornaments, stained glass, high arches and peaks that made buildings look complex, grand and a bit dark. The renaissance of the Gothic style fell on Victorian era when more colors were added to the style.

Now if you want to create mysterious atmosphere in your home and you are into deep hues and rich embroideries then it’s for you. Gothic furniture is massive and, of course, ornate upholstered in richly-colored fabrics. Benches and pews are common for Gothic style as Gothic cathedrals are famous for their epic design. Since Gothic interior decorating style takes its elements from architectural style arches and ornaments greatly fit the interior design.

The walls during Gothic era featured no paint but stone so an unpainted feature wall or a stand as in the picture above can only add to the Gothic interior. For paint choose  blue, deep purple, ochre, forest green, gold, silver or gray. Drapes and rich upholstery and bedding are also a great part of Gothic decorating style. Ornaments in accessories also add a touch of mystery and grandeur to the interior. Candlelight, decorated candle holders, embroidered cushions with intricate texture can be used to decorate a room in Gothic style.

Flooring can be wooden or laminated as stone should be decorated with original rugs that coordinate with drapery and upholstery in the room. Marble and stone add to the Gothic effect as well as stained glass does. Crosses especially Celtic ones and mysterious artworks can also be used in Gothic interior for decoration.

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