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Blue and Purple Interior Designs

Blue and purple look great together. Lavender and aqua or deep purple and turquoise make for interesting color scheme. Throw in a neutral color and some bright accents and the interior design looks fresh and interesting.

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Blue and purple is an interesting color combination for interior decorating. Brighter shades make for colorful design while paler ones bring mystery to the room. Both colors can be used as accent colors in a neutral color scheme but if you want a brighter design these can be used in brighter shades.

Blue and Purple Interior Designs

Purple and blue is a stylish color combo. It’s both fresh and beautiful, it can also be both bright and mysterious. Choose the main color blue or purple the one that will set the right mood for the room and then add the second together with some neutrals and other brights like green, yellow, and pink.

White, gray, black and other neutrals and pastels can make a good base in a color scheme while the blue and purple can become bright spots in form of furniture, tinted glassware, artworks and other decorations.

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3 Responses to “Blue and Purple Interior Designs”
  1. irma andrade Says:

    wany my sister lives with me i will do her room like that

  2. Iris Houlihan Says:

    What a great way to incorporate lavender without it looking like a little girl’s room. Grown up, but whimsical. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lotta Says:


    Di you know where I can buy the fantastic turquise chandelier in the picture above with a grey sofa and pillows in purple and turquise and a glass table with purple flowers in?? I love this!!:)

    Greetings Lotta in Sweden

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