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Interior Design in Shining Orchid

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Pantone, a recognized authority in the field of color, announced a mysterious glowing orchid a shade of the year. Admiring the bold choice of the masters, we explain how to cope with an unusual trend and use it in interior design. Since 2001, the American company “Pantone” regularly sets the fashion for the main color, which is immediately picked up by manufacturers of cosmetics, fashion designers and interiors. The choice of experts is based on the results of numerous social studies.

Shining Orchid: Interior Design in Trendy Colors

Shining orchid in living room design

Shining orchid in living room design

So in 2013 the main color was emerald, a symbol of growth and prosperity. This year the experts from Pantone made accents on creativity and individuality. Pantone specialists were sure that shining orchid would intrigue and foment creativity. This color excites the eye and is a spark of imagination. It encourages innovation, supports creativity and originality, which are increasingly valued in today’s society.

Actual combinations

Color of shining orchid is formed by mixing fuchsia, purple and pink. Combining warm and cool tones, radiant orchid fits a variety of shades: from the contrast of yellow and blue to purple and crimson of related colors. Do not be afraid to combine radiant orchid and more aggressive tones. The contrast with the black color will create an elegant, mysterious interior, and the play of radiant orchid with red will bring in the interior a mischievous mood and notes of adventurism.

Shining orchid in bathroom design

Shining orchid in bathroom design


Respecting the choice of the research institute, manufacturers of furniture and decor for the home have already submitted their collections in shades of glowing orchid. Wallpaper with geometric pattern this is a popular background in the interior. You can choose dark or light furniture, depending on the final tasks.

An opposite combination is more traditional: dilute a light gray or beige base with shining orchid accents, and you will get bright interior, which, despite the volatile fashion, will be pleasing to the eye for many years.

If your plans do not include extensive repairs, pay attention to textiles: fabric design can show the richness of color. The same can be said about the fixtures and accessories in trendy colors. Thanks to them, you can refresh the interior and to add actual notes without making drastic changes.

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