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Pop Up Lighting By Chen Bikovski

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Pop Up Lighting series by Chen Bikovski are made in the shape of the animals and work as pop up books. The lamps look like origami creations and are made of plastic, featuring tabs that work as light switches but also open them up just like the pop up books. There are three designs made after a deer, a peacock and an owl. The designer says:

In this project my aim was to bring back the excitement, the surprise and the naivety of the pop-up world into our daily lives.

Pop Up Lighting By Chen Bikovski

Pop Up Lighting

The lamps are so cute, when they light up the additional features emerge like deer’s antlers or peacock’s tail of feathers.

The Deer hides his ears when the lamp is not in use but once you pull the tab his ears are revealed and go up while the light illuminates the shade also giving the deer a missing element…his antlers. This is such a great alternative to real antlers we must say.

Pop Up Lighting By Chen Bikovski

Another adorable lamp is shaped as an owl. While the deer is a wall lamp the owl is a table one. When its tab is pulled up the owl spreads its wings and its eyes light up. Simply amazing!

Pop Up Lighting By Chen Bikovski

The last but not least, is a peacock-shaped wall lamp made of blue triangular shade. When it’s switched on, also using the tab, the lamp lits up with beautiful blue light enhancing the look by giving the peacock an impressive light tail. The rays make for the feathers.

Pop Up Lighting By Chen Bikovski

These statement lamps are amazing not only for kid’s room but also for adults who would love to go back to childhood for a moment as they open and light up these lamps.

Contact Chen at aboutdotme/bikodesign.

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