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Private and Beautiful: The Prospect House in Sand Diego

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The Prospect House is a very beautiful and private home in San Diego that was build by an architect Jonathan Segal for him and his family. The Prospect House is located in San Diego, California but it has a very private architectural design that allows owners to enjoy a swimming pool and glass walls in the first level of the building.

Private and Beautiful: The Prospect House in Sand Diego

The Prospect House that sits on a 7,200 square feet was previously an abandoned area since 1992. Jonathan Segal has designed and built a residence for himself and his family with an on-site architecture studio, walled swimming pool, and transparent living room.

Private and Beautiful: The Prospect House in Sand Diego

The exterior of the house is geometric and intricate and features big windows which allows both open but private layout. The yard that is also surrounded by privacy shrubs has a big lounge area with green lawns and trees. Some rooms have transparent ceilings which allows natural lighting in  making the layout more open and inviting.

The Prospect House is a great architectural solution for family homes that need both privacy and comfort. The owners get to enjoy a swimming pool, back yard with a lounge area were they can spend time in privacy. Yet the house stands near the highway and is located in a big busy city. Big and mini windows allow residents to enjoy the outside views without sacrificing their privacy, while the walls make having swimming pool and yard possible.

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