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Old Garage Transformed Into Green Pavilion

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What once used to be a garage has been transformed into a garden shed/pavilion entirely covered in greenery. Called ‘Green Box’ the project was realized by Act_Romegialli who turned an old garage into an airy glass pavilion with glass facade and back wall.

Old Garage Into Green Pavilion

Old Garage Transformed Into Green Pavilion

Located at the Raethian Alps the garage used to be a concrete structure with covered space for the car, a room and very little vegetation around. After the transformation however the structure which previously featured a flat roof received a traditional house-like shape with a triangular roof and a room for gardening tools, kitchen and and dining.

The personal retreat was covered completely with the plants, the studio names Lonicera periclymenum and Polygonum baldshuanicum as the base and Humulus lupulus and Clematis tangutica which together make for a beautiful green box. There are also perennials used in landscaping by Gheo Clavarino.

The interior of the pavilion is simplistic with concrete, wooden and steel finishes. The floors are covered in wood while the walls are made of steel and glass and exposed stone.

Old Garage Transformed Into Green Pavilion

The landscaping designer Gheo Clavarino created a fairy tale-like sight filled with flowers and plants and outlined with rocks. The angled roof carcass helps plants stay on top of the structure while the steel frame extension allows more sunlight into the pavilion thanks to the glazed perch. The side walls are made of concrete and provide more privacy for the shed.

This is a great example of repurposing an old garage into a garden shed with some living space features like kitchen and dining as well as the lush vegetation that is not only surrounding the shed but also grows right on top of it.

What do you think about ‘Green Box’?

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