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Under The Sky: 50 Bathrooms Featuring Skylights

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Bathrooms often lack natural light. Installing a skylight at the bathroom is a sure way to bring in some daylight into this cold room. Attic bathrooms may already feature skylights due to their architectural specifics and some bathrooms may feature regular windows as well. Skylights come in various styles and shapes so they can fit almost any bathrooom.

Under The Sky: 50 Bathrooms Featuring Skylights


When it comes to installation choose the location for skylight that will both fulfill the purpose and create the atmosphere you strive for. For instance, if you want to add a feeling of bathing outdoors install a skylight above the shower or a bathtub. If you just want more light in the bathroom in general install the skylight above the center of the room.

Skylight Type

There are various types of skylights ranging from popular tubular ones to ventilating skylights that can also provide the room with outdoor air. The size and type of skylight will depend on the size of the bathroom and owner’s preferences in terms of design. Smaller bathrooms will require smaller skylights while spacious ones can be enhanced with bigger skylights.

Bathroom Designs Featuring Skylights

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