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5 Ways To Enhance Your Swimming Pool

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Swimming pool may be a luxury but in hot summer it’s an ultimate way to cool off. But what’s a swimming pool without all the additional decorations and accessories? A hole filled with water. Here are some great ideas for enhancing your pool both visually and function-wise.

Ideas For Enhancing Your Swimming Pool

5 Ways To Enhance Your Swimming Pool

Fire Pits Placed Along Swimming Pool

Fire Pit

Water and fire together make for a spectacular view. A fire pit at the swimming pool is meant to not only create a visual effect but also add warmth and light to summer poolside parties. A fire pit can be placed at a certain distance from a swimming pool but it would look much more impressive as an element of the pool.

Creative Lighting

Creative lighting is another way to enhance your swimming pool just for summer. Think light balls, jelly fish and fiber optics that light up the pool like a starry night sky in the evening. Creative lights will add so much character to your outdoors and pool.

Net Hammock

A net hammock is an ultimate accessory for lazy summer days. Hover above water and read a book or simply rest and sunbathe. What a great resort-like addition to the pool!


A floating terrace is a much more stable structure than a hammock and can be installed in in-ground pools where a hammock would be challenging to install.


Greenery can always add beauty to both indoors and outdoors. Swimming pools are often built on sites in front of a house but some can be integrated into the building. In the first case a swimming pool can be surrounded with a green lawn while in the second a vertical garden can significantly enhance the area around swimming pool.

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