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How to Update Your Shower

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A shower is one of the first places you go right after you wake up so it must be nice and pleasant. And while you could save money and start a full on renovation it’d takes too much time and effort when you can simply use one of these tricks and enjoy a new improved look of your shower.

Shower Update Ideas

Wood shower floor

An easiest thing to do for your shower stall floor would be to cover it with a wooden slab. Say goodbye to cold tile floor and enjoy the nice warmth and texture of wood. It will also do wonders for the look of your shower. If you don’t like wood, you could install pebbles to create a nice textured surface that will massage your feet while you are taking a shower.

French shower door

If you’re tired of shower curtains install a single glass wall to separate your shower from the rest of the bathroom or use French doors or framed glass doors to add more characer to your shower. You can fake the look by adding molding to your shower doors. You can also just repaint the shower door frames and the rest of the hardware if needed to give it a more expensive or stylish look.

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