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Stick Humidifier by Knobz Design

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Humidifier is a great air-control tool that allows not only improve the air quality in your home but also become a decorative display object. Stick Humidifier is a playful prototype design that is not so much about decorating but about accessibility and handiness. Designed by Knobz Design a Stick Humidifier is a bright portable gadget that can be very handy for those constantly on the go to improve their air quality.

Compact Stick Humidifier

Stick Humidifier by Knobz Design

Stick Humidifier doesn’t have a water tank that makes it very small in comparison to other humidifiers out there. It looks as a tea diffuser and comes in a variety of bright colors. All it needs to work and fill your air with water particles is a glass of water. That simple. Compact design and attractive colors make Stick Humidifier a great alternative to bigger gadgets in small homes.

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5 Responses to “Stick Humidifier by Knobz Design”
  1. Shawn Bailey Says:

    Are the Stick Humidifiers available for purchase?

  2. Arty Says:

    Hello, Shawn,

    Thank you for comment. On the designers’ site it’s filed under Prototype.

  3. soy Says:

    How to buy the item?

  4. olivia Says:

    how to buy it???

  5. Alicia Kim Says:

    Thank you for your comments. You can check out the designers’ site: knobz-designdotcom.

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