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Teo Jasmin Traditional New York-Themed Seats

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Teo Jasmin is a brand that specializes on wall decorations and graphic design. Their traditional New York-themed seats are a modern take on classic style chairs and couches. A combination of a classic chair frame and a modern style upholstery is used by designers to create unusual seats and other furniture items that mix the two contrasting styles. Teo Jasmin New York-themed seats feature a traditional classic style frames and photographs of the city printed on the upholstery.

Teo Jasmin Traditional New York-Themed Seats

From the likeness of a Statue of Freedom to yellow cabs and city panoramas Teo Jasmin seats show off the beauty of New York city in the life-like photographs making the seats functional portraits that can decorate  both modern and classic style home.

It is an easy way of featuring the mixed styles in the decor. Using such traditional furniture pieces in a classic decor will immediately give it a modern makeover. Teo Jasmin use Louis XV chairs to give them a modern look, while also offering New-York-themed and other cushions and couches with various graphic prints.

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  1. iralda placencia Says:

    How much does the black new york theme couch cost?

  2. Arty Says:

    The top one is Canapé New York Sunset and the one below is Canapé Big Apple 20 Black, they both cost 2732.00€.

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