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Folio Side Table by Cate & Nelson

Side tables can be more functional or decorative but they add a certain touch to the decor. Designed by Cate & Nelson Folio side table comes in various color options and interesting shape.

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Folio side table designed by Cate & Nelson comes in a variety of colors and can be used to store almost anything from books to pictures. The interesting shape of the table allows storing things on and under the tabletop. There is also a little side section for additional storage and display.

Folio Side Table by Cate & Nelson

FOLIO – When comissioned with the project we wanted to design a personal and straigthforward side table making the most its material and production method. The result is FOLIO a light side table that can easily be moved around and personalized with the variety of things that you need to keep nearby when settling down or want exposed just for show!

Folio Side Table by Cate & Nelson

Folio side table looks modern and stylish. It’s unusual form makes it both a storage unit and a display surface. The space between the tabletop and the base can be filled with things or pictures. The abundance of colors also gives a wide range of choice.

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