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Alfredo da Silva Polygonal Archetype Sofa

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Alfredo da Silva has designed this cool and stylish polygonal Archetype Sofa with a contemporary sharp shape. Archetype Sofa is a stylish modern furniture piece that has clean lines, defined structure and is said to be quiet comfy.

Alfredo da Silva Polygonal Archetype Sofa

Polygonal-shaped furniture is a great way to add structural dissonance or detail into the interior design. The architectural feel to it can add to the home’s architecture in a way and add depth to the design. In minimalist interior the Archetype Sofa can play as an eye catching element due to its varied shaped and it still fits into contemporary minimalist style.

Alfredo da Silva Polygonal Archetype Sofa

The sofa features seams that seem like holding different pieces together. The angles are not very prominent but the shape is structural and interesting. Archetype comes in a deep grayish brown finish with a soft texture and sleek upholstery that accentuates its clean lines.

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