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FluidStance’s Platform Allows Levitation Behind a Standing Desk

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Standing desks are getting popular by the day, as more and more evidence points to the negative impact of prolonged sitting. Muscle imbalance, numbness, and posture problems are just a few symptoms of a sitting syndrome, yet health complications can get a lot worse. Although they have been on the market for quite some time, standing desks haven’t become a solution to the problem, as prolonged standing entails its own health risks.

FluidStance CEO and founder Joel Heath took issue with standing desks after having problems with his hip and knee joints from prolonged standing. To alleviate pressure from those problematic areas, he went on to create The Level platform that allows the body slight but natural movement while standing.

FluidStance Platform Makes You Float Behind a Standing Desk

FluidStance Level platform

Introduced as a more lightweight and budget-friendly alternative to the treadmill desk, The Level platform looks elegant and simple. Its elevated base is made of die-cast military grade aluminum that moves naturally with the body, taking pressure off of joints. And its wooden deck comes in natural maple, walnut finish, and solid bamboo, covered with a low-emitting finish for hardwood floors.

To help further protect both the wooden platform and office floors as well as keep a company fleet well-organized, FluidStance offers a range of floor mats and accessory systems to supplement the platform.

The Level Technical Parameters

Designed for use under 250 pounds, the platform itself weighs approximately 7lbs, 12oz. FluidStance indicates its measurements at 26.5″ long x 12.2″ wide x 2.5″ tall.

platform deck

Though not the same as treadmill, according to FluidStance, The Level platform helps increase user heart rate by 15% in comparison to sitting. It also allows an average range of motion of 23.98 degrees (ROM) and appears to produce no statistical difference in typing errors.

It seems like, for now, there is no perfect solution to either sitting or standing at a workplace, but with a combination of sit-stand desks, area mats and platforms like The Level, there is a chance for the workforce to have less impact from the lack of movement.

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