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Decorative Silhouette Wall Plates

Plates make for great wall decor. English designer Andrew Tanner's Silhouette Wall Plate collection offers decorative plates with birds, butterflies and various objects cutout in them to display on the walls or a fireplace mantel.

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Designer Andrew Tanner has designed a decorative Silhouette Wall Plate collection. The cutout plates depict nature and objects. The decorative wall plate collection was inspired by Victorian practice of using plates for decorating walls only with a modern twist in the design.

Decorative Silhouette Wall Plates

The plates come with various objects cutout in them. It’s best to hang the plates on the bright or dark wall that would contrast with white plates and show off the depicted objects. The plates are great for wall decor. They can be grouped or hung in line and add detail and a decorative touch to the wall.

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