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Open Plan Kitchen Designs

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Open plan kitchens are becoming more and more popular as the modern architecture favors open layout more and more. The open plan kitchen can be connected with a dining area as well as the living area. There can be no walls or other tangible dividers so it’s important to design these open areas in a flowing manner.

Open Plan Kitchen Designs


Dividers can help make the design of each space more individual, though. These can include kitchen island, counter, columns and other grand furniture items or architectural details. Some homes are constructed with this in mind. Such architectural details like a couple of stairs, or a column mark the division between the kitchen and other areas.Furniture items like sofa are commonly arranged not facing the kitchen thus marking the division of the areas.

Materials and finish

Different areas can be designed in different materials, colors and finishes but since it’s the open plan the design of kitchen, dinning room and living room should work well with each other. Still this practice can help divide the kitchen from other areas.

Room-y Feel

In case if you want to connect all the areas in the open plan together including the kitchen use materials and finishes that add warm to the kitchen making it more room-y. This will create a more flowing transition from the technology-filled kitchen to living and dining areas.

Ideas For Decorating Open Plan Kitchens:

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