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Flying Mini-Robots for House Cleaning

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What kind of technology will we use in our houses in future? Flying mini-robots that do the cleaning, walls, and holographic culinary assistants that filter the air are just a few versions proposed by the participants of the Electrolux Design Lab 11th competition, which was held this year. This time the winner was chosen during the finals in Stockholm museum Fotografiska (Sweden), which is an interesting Mab project by Adrian Perez Zapata from Colombia.

Mab: Flying Mini-Robots for House Cleaning

Mab project by Adrian Perez Zapata

Mab project by Adrian Perez Zapata 

Mab is an automatic system for cleaning the house that consists of hundreds of small flying robots. They clean the surfaces by the touch point, wetting them with a drop of water and taking dirt particles. Mab scans a room space, determines where cleaning is needed, and sends flying robot on a mission.

One day I was walking through the park near the university and noticed the bees pollinating flowers. Their flight and all activities were coordinated. My concept requires only a small initial configuration before starting a fully autonomous operation. After that the mini-robots will fly at your own home and do cleaning. You can just sit and relax, watching, how little fairies miraculously make your house cleaner,” Perez Zapata says.

The winning project of this year again raised the issue of a robot machine, which does not just copying a human, but operates, inspired by the natural unity. This unity lies in harmonious interaction of different elements.  Mab is an innovative project that can eliminate the need for daily cleaning for both the common users and entire enterprises, at the same time significantly increasing its quality,” Stefano Marzano, Electrolux chief designer and chairman of the jury commented.

Mab project by Adrian Perez Zapata

Mab project by Adrian Perez Zapata 

As conceived by Electrolux, the Design Lab competition should inspire designers to create innovative ideas, encourage their creativity, as well as serve as a platform for finding new talents, providing them with opportunities for realization of their projects. The winner receives a grand prize of 5,000 Euros, as well as an invitation to a paid internship in an international Electrolux design center. The second prize is 3,000 Euros and the third prize is 2000 Euros. And the participant who wins the Audience Award receives 1000 Euros.

Mab project by Adrian Perez Zapata

 Mab project by Adrian Perez Zapata 

The Design Lab 2013 theme was “Inspiring urban environment”. A distinctive feature of the cities of the future will be lack of free space, and as a consequence, compactness. But, despite the decrease in the area of residential premises, as well as space for storage, the house still has to remain the center of our lives and bring pleasure – whether it is during rest or cooking. The participants of the competition were offered to create designs of the devices, accessories, and services that could be called a breakthrough in three different categories: Social Cooking, Clean Air and Easy Cleaning.

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