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“Must Have” Tools for Homekeeping. Part 2

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Our reader asked us to write a little bit more about the most necessary tools for successful home cleaning. This time I decided to make the list more specific for those who have pets living in the house.

Tools for Homekeeping

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How to Fight Microbes and Fur

I have got an adult cat. Those, who also own a cat know that even having a short-haired feline means you have its fur everywhere. I bet all dog owners have the same problem. Even if you comb your pet regularly, you can still find its fur pretty much everywhere around your house. As a result, your friends who have got an allergy for fur refuse to visit you. You start sneezing yourself, and if you also have a small child, the situation comes close to a very dangerous one. So, I always keep several things which help me to keep things tidy spending only 15 minutes for cleaning every day.

Wet Wipes

Usually a cat travels around several certain places in the house – bottom shelves, windowsills, nightstands and low tables. I always keep a pack of wet wipes to wipe away foot prints and fur once or twice a day.

Tap and Resin

It’s always a good idea to have a special animal shampoo and a brush for fur. It will help to reduce the fur problem, but it will not disappear completely. So you need something to fight it. A powerful vacuum cleaner will help you get rid of fur on the carpets and the upholstered furniture. For toys and clothes I use a special tap, or a piece of resin to remove all these clingy hairs.


Even if you consider a pet as a family member it still is an animal and it brings innumerable diseases to your house. The danger increases if you allow it to walk outdoors, or take it to the countryside during the summertime. I buy special disinfectants at a pet shop. Some of these  have specific ways of use, so don’t forget reading the instructions carefully.



If your pet has confused a dark comfy corner with a toilet have the mess cleaned away and rub the surface with a lemon or orange peel. Animals, cats in particular, don’t like taste and smell of any citrus fruit.

Good luck with your cleaning!

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