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How to Clean Parquet Floors

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Parquet floors are high-maintenance so you need to learn how to clean and protect them from damage. Parquet floors are made of wood and usually carry a certain pattern. Parquet is great for traditional and classic interior designs but it’s also used in modern and minimalist interiors. The best way to maintain your parquet floors is to vacuum or sweep them every week to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

How to Clean Parquet Floors

Before mopping your parquet floors sweep them to remove any garbage and dust. If you are going to use a vacuum cleaner be sure to protect your parquet from scratching with a special attachment for careful cleaning. When mopping the floors, use as little water as possible. Since parquet is made of wood the excess of water can make damage it. The mop should be a little damp not soaked. Wring it out very thoroughly and make sure there is no excess water dripping from it. Use only special cleansers and detergent made for parquet.

Parquet floors can come laminate and shiny but you can also polish them yourself by using a cleanser that also contains a polisher. Using a flat cleaning tool or a cloth you can polish your parquet floors while cleaning them. Remember to use only soft cleaning tools and special cleansers when cleaning the parquet.

Since parquet is quiet delicate you should take some measures in protecting it from scratches and dirt. Mats, carpet, and rugs help keep the dirt and dust away from floors while special protectors for furniture legs should also be used to avoid scratch. Do not move furniture on the parquet floors as it may scratch it. Such things as heeled shoes and pet claws can also do some scratching. The best way to protect your parquet floors is to use rugs in high-traffic areas and remove shoes at the doorway.

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    How do you do when some glue dropped in your parquet? What’s the solution?

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