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Modern Apartment In 19th Century Barcelona Building

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Oh, how I love makeovers. This apartment shows its building’s 19th century history in exposed stone and ceiling beams but the design makes the interior more livable for a modern person. Designed by Sergi Pons the apartment preserves its historic backdrop that contrasts beautifully with the white modules that include the essentials like kitchen and bathroom.


Spacious living room has several windows that let plenty of light in so the artificial lighting is pretty modest. Besides, white walls reflect light and even the flooring was done in light wooden finish, which complements both white and stone walls.

Living room

Behind a kitchen module there is a bathroom cube that further separates the kitchen and living room from this private area with a closed lounge balcony. The kitchen bathroom corridor may have left little space to navigate around but that’s exactly what’s been necessary in this layout since more private areas have been placed further down the hall while the kitchen opens to the living room but yet still quite away from it. The kitchen module features a mirror backsplash, which helps to preserve the illusion of more space. Likewise the bathroom cube features a window that opens to the bedroom to prevent a claustrophobic feel. What do you think?

Modern Apartment In 19th Century Building

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