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El Mirador Houses Both Humans And Horses

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Talk about becoming one with nature. An architectural firm CC Arquitectos decided to combine stables with the living quarters, which resulted in a dreamy home called El Mirador. A 4940-square-foor (459 sq m) residence sits comfortably in a natural landscape full of trees and space for horses to walk freely. The reclaimed railway sleepers make up the beautiful open stable with a stone water well and an adjacent reflective pool.

El Mirador House

House stable house

On the inside the house includes all the essentials including a luxurious all-wooden kitchen, a glass-wall bedroom that opens up to the surrounding views, and an outdoor lounge area that links seamlessly with the living room.

The house was build with nature in mind but not only in concept but also in practice. The architectors used local stone, repurposed steel beams, and railway sleepers in their construction making it more environment-friendly.

I also love that the stable is open and spacious allowing horses to go in and out as they please. What do you think?

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