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360 Degree Apartment Features Unconventional Kitchen Design

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Here at InteriorHolic we love unconventional kitchen design and this 360˚ Apartment in Brazil features one of the most interesting kitchens ever. A work of architect Diego Revollo the apartment features an open layout living room with a dining area and an open kitchen unit covered from top to bottom with Italian porcelain tile.

360 Degree Apartment with Unconventional Kitchen


The floor, walls, ceiling, and backsplash are all covered in patterned grey tile that nicely contrasts with white cabinets and goes well with both steel and wooden elements of design.

The kitchen is in full view from the living room outfitted with velvet grey chairs and wooden floors and furnishings. The block of glass cabinets that hangs above the breakfast counter provides more storage space but also keeps both rooms in view of each other which makes for an airier, more spacious look. Even the bar stools are made of clear material too.

The tile patterns aren’t uniform. There are inclusions of smaller scale geometric shapes as well as tiles in darker shades of grey. An overall look turned out stylish and very eye-catchy.




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