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IKEA Christmas 2012 Decor Ideas

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IKEA always makes it easier to create a nice neat decor at affordable price. Look into the brand’s Christmas decor catalog for 2012 to get inspired and create your own Christmas decor. Designed in red white color scheme IKEA’s Christmas 2012 collection is cute and traditional.

The Baubles

IKEA Christmas 2012 Decor Ideas

Baubles come in sets. There are silver and red bauble sets, cutest polka dot baubles, striped baubles and baubles made of thread. They can be arranged as a separate accent decoration for the chandelier for example, or can be used traditionally to decorate the Christmas tree.

Other Ornaments

IKEA Christmas 2012 Decor Ideas

Other ornaments in the collection include figurines, heart, tree, bell and bird-shaped decorations. You can also find ornaments in star and sleigh shapes. And still it’s not all. There are hangin snowflakes, music notes, and cones you can fill with whatever you like.

Outdoor Decorations

IKEA Christmas 2012 Decor Ideas

There are also decorations for enhancing the outdoors. From beautifu red and white planter pots to various lanterns for block candles which can also be found in the collection. With a bit of arranging these would make for great holiday outdoor decor.

There are also various garlands, wreaths, tealights, bowls and vases to choose from. If in need of Christmas tree there are a few alternative options. There is an artificial planted tree, and two cut out from cardboard and plastic.

Take a look at some pictures from IKEA’s Christmas 2012 catalog to see how you can use their decorations for creating cute and stylish holiday decor.

IKEA Christmas 2012 Collection

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