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Decorating Bedroom For Christmas

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Decorating home for Christmas doesn’t have to be limited to just the living room and hallway. Treat yourself to waking up amidst holiday atmosphere by decorating the bedroom. To create a festive atmosphere in the room use lights, garlands, baubles, and other Christmas decorations. Wreaths are great for decorating doors and windows as well as the space above the fireplace.


Decorating Bedroom For Christmas

Christmas lights are a great way to decorate the bedroom. They can be used on the bed frame, mirror, mantelpiece, lamp, windows, or curtains. They can also be used on or instead of the headboard. You can also use lights to create wall decor like Christmas tree or abstract shapes and forms.

Bed Linens

Decorating Bedroom For Christmas

Another quite inexpensive way to decorate a bedroom in a festive manner is to choose bed lines in the traditional Christmas color palette. Reds and greens will do the trick. You could also invest in white fur or wool bed throws to create a winter-y look.

Decorating Bedroom For Christmas

Christmas Stockings

Beautiful embellished Christmas stockings can be a great addition to the bedroom’s mantelpiece or the bed frames. Choose the stockings that would either match your bedroom’s color scheme as in the photo above or that will add a splash of color to the bedroom design.

Mini Christmas Tree

A mini Christmas tree is a budget-friendly but very festive decoration. It can be from several inches to half a meter. It can come already decorated or you could use the remaining Christmas ornaments from your main tree and decorate it with them.

Christmas Bedroom Decor

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