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Handmade Children’s Hanger-Tree

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The original trend is hangers in the form of trees for interiors in eco-style. Today we will try to make a bright wonderful model of hanger for a child’s room with our hands. By the way, in this way you can make not only children’s hangers-trees, but also unusual elements for hallway or bedroom. The only different thing is height and possibly color. The rest process is similar.

Handmade Children’s Hanger-Tree of Plywood



It is not so easy to make such a hanger. But if there is a man in the house and tools for precise cutting of wood (jigsaw or compact saw), than it is quite real to make such an original children’s hanger.

Besides substantial savings (compared to the finished product and the time to find it), your efforts will be rewarded with a child’s delight: he will have a practical and unusual detail of the interior, which will be a source of pride in the eyes of his friends.

“Summer tree”

Materials and tools:

–          2 plywood boards of 45×20 inches and a thickness of 0.3 inches;

–          wrapping paper (for a template) of 45×20 inches;

–          4 metal brackets and screws to them;

–          several wooden handles with fastening;

–          jigsaw;

–          paint and brush;

–          screwdriver;

–          scissors;

–          pencil;

–          sandpaper.


How to make:

Draw a pattern of a tree (crown, branches, base) on the wrapping paper so that both sides were roughly symmetrical to each other, and all the lines were rounded. Mark the center line in the middle with a width of 0.3 inches. Cut out the template and draw the pattern on the plywood using the template as a stencil.

Saw 2 identical elements of both plates, and then make a slit of 0.3 inches on one of them – cut a  portion of the central line from the top to the middle (where the “branches” begin). Clean the edges with sandpaper to a perfectly flat surface and then paint, for example, in 2 shades of the same color.

Install the prefabricated components of the “tree” on the floor and put one element into another through the slot. Initial resistance of the hanger will be achieved. For optimal results fasten the metal corners on each side, where both elements are connected.

Cut little flowers or leaves from the remnants of plywood, paint them in bright color, connect to the handle and attach to the “crown” of the “tree”. The hanger-tree is ready!

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