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Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas

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An outdoor bathroom makes a luxurious spa-like room. To create such a bathroom an inner courtyard or special architecture is required. When constructing a house consider where the outdoor bathroom is going to be to plan the plumbing and other features.

Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas

Choose Location

Choose a location of the future outdoor bathroom. Make sure the plumbing allows installing a bathroom in the location of choice. It can be an outside area of bedroom or a terrace. Also consider the canopy and sun awnings if the location has too much sun to protect yourself from UV rays and heat. Use wooden screens or green screens to increase privacy in your outdoor bathroom.

Garden Bathroom

The garden might be just the place for an outdoor bathroom. It can be surrounded by privacy bushes or hedges to create an enclosed area that can be accessed through a bedroom. If having a bathtub outside isn’t possible you can install only the shower. A wooden platform on the pebble-covered ground is a common design solution.

Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas

Bring The Outdoors In

If there is no possible way to create an outdoor bathroom bring the outdoors inside by using skylights, plants and pebbles in bathroom design. A glazed wall facing an inner courtyard or a garden will add the outdoor feel to the bathroom. Use pebbles in floor decor and use skylights in the bathroom to create the feeling of showering or bathing outdoors.

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