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Window Treatment Ideas & Tips From Bob The Blind Guy

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Window treatment is an important part of the interior design. Often times a room might look empty without any shutters, curtains, or other types of window treatment. Bob behind Bob The Blind Guy website with a thiry-year experience as a design consultant and window treatment installer, shares ideas, tips, and DIY guides on how to install window treatment, how to save money and choose the right type of treatment for your home.

Window Treatment Ideas & Tips From Bob The Blind Guy

Bob The Blind Guy website is an extensive source on various types of treatments. There are many tips and tricks on the website that help solving various problems with window treatments and save on installation. All of Bob’s information is free and gives a professional outlook on the specific problem. Bob will also answer any question from a reader and help those who have a problem installing or choosing a window treatment.

The website is built in three categories to teach about types of window treatments and tips and advice on measuring, decorating, choosing, and more. The articles are very detailed providing information on each topic.

So if you are looking for information on window treatments and ways to install them yourself Bob The Blind Guy is the source to look at. Get the first-hand information from a professional with years of experience in the business and subscribe to the website to learn more about different treatments and problem-solving ideas.

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