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Shoffice Is Garden Office Shed

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Designed by Platform 5 Architects the Shoffice is an odd-shaped garden office shed that includes some furniture and storage space. We’ve seen a few office shed designs that help create an effective working space for those who work from home. This is another take on the garden office shed that is both creative and interesting.

Shoffice Garden Office Shed

Shoffice Is Garden Office Shed

Shoffice has a rounded shape with a protruding front which makes for a mini terrace. The shed features a glass facade with an entrance and a space for storage. The shed also features a skylight which fills it with more light.

The furniture includes a desk and a chair. The shed is equiped with lights and some shelves for storing work-related things. The shed is compact and includes only necessary things but it’s also creative and whimsical-looking.

Shoffice, in comparison with other shed offices was designed specifically for a 1950’s terraced house and in collaboration between an architect, an engineer and a contractor. The goal was to create a form that would fit into the garden.

Still an idea of a separate home office is exciting. A shed with its own space and atmosphere is a great working station. Tetra-Shed, and various pods like The Pod or an OfficePod provide that working area where there’re only necessary things.

Although lack of space still is an issue with the sheds and pods. A garden or a yard should be spacious enough to house an office shed. Shoffice is big enough but it still fits into the given area.

Create an organized, stylish home office with our ideas and tips. A home office can be set in a nook and on a budget. You can also give your home office a luxury decor or buy a compact working station.

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