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Unstable Table by Rafael Morgan

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This “Unstable” table is a project by Rafael Morgan. Its unusual design and bright color definitely catch the eye and draw attention. The twist is that the table really is steadier than it looks. Unstable tabletop has geometric edges and legs made of cubes.

Unstable Table by Rafael Morgan

This table works pretty well, in fact, it´s very stable! It has one fixed metal bar inside each leg, covered by this movable cubes.

You can make it look completely unstable, a little bit drunk or totally stable. It´s up to you!

Unstable Table by Rafael Morgan

So you get the idea. The metal bars that make the table stable and hence usable are simply hidden in those cubes that could be rotated to make the table look unusual and gravity-defying. The table can also be made to look normal.

Unstable Table by Rafael Morgan

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