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Stylish Cat Beds For Modern Home

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If you’re like me anything concerning cats can make you go ‘aww’, even these stylish modern beds. Designed and Kickstarted by Meyou Paris the cocoon beds have already surpassed their initial goal of 35,000 Euros by ten thousand.

Stylish Modern Cat Beds

Meyou furniture

The Meyou beds were conceived with the thought of not only aesthetics but also your cat’s comfort. The Cube is a wooden cube carcass that holds a cotton ball where the cat can sleep and partially hide. The cotton balls are machine washable and can be folded or replaced (a cat can use it as a scratcher). The Bed, made of wood and wool felt, provides a vantage point to the cat that likes to observe and be on top of everything, quite literally.

Meyou is also designing a litter box and a cat tree to meet their customers’ demand so they’ve introduced stretch goals for that too in their Kickstarter campaign that has 18 more days to go.

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