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Quick & Easy Tea Fix With Tipping Teacup

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The Tipping Teacup is a quick and easy tea fix as it’s both a steeper and a cup. A special compartment in the cup allows to use both traditional tea and teabags. The plastic cup can be tipped left and right due to the angled bottom. The tea is placed into a small compartment and is filled with hot water. Thus the cup works both as a teapot and a teacup. The screen inside the compartment is removable and washable.

Quick & Easy Tea Fix With Tipping Teacup

The Tipping Teacup is great when one’s in a hurry. It’s a quick way to enjoy some warm tea and run out for work. It can be thrown into the dishwasher though it’s not safe for a microwave. The teacup is available at Uncommon Goods in black and white finishes matte on the outside while glossy on the inside.

Quick & Easy Tea Fix With Tipping Teacup

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