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Food Inspired Mug Design by Andrea Filogonio

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Designers seek inspiration everywhere as well as the inspiration can come from anywhere. Food has inspired not only culinary but fashion, interior and product designers around the world. “Docup” is a colorful doughnut-inspired mug designed by Andrea Filogonio.

Food Inspired Mug Design by Andrea Filogonio

An unusual mug is waking up not only senses with freshly-made coffee, but also an appetite. Shaped as a delicious glazed doughnut the “Docup” features the bitten edge that allows sipping the drink that fills the hollow body of the mug.

Food Inspired Mug Design by Andrea Filogonio

The doughnut mug is also decorated with sprinkles and flavors to smell like a real doughnut. How cool is that? The rounded mug shape is pretty unconventional too, prompting individual approach to drinking from it. “Docup” cookie-beige ceramic body features glazing that varies in colors and flavors. Looking for favorite breakfast mug?

Docup” : Copyright (c) afsmartdesign 2011.

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