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Creative Light Spill Wall Lamp

Creative Light Spill Wall Lamp can add an interesting touch to the hall decor or any other room. The lamp looks traditional but there is a little twist that makes it even more charming.

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Light Spill Wall Lamp is a design from designer Rebecca Wilson. Working with ceramics Rebecca Wilson creates beautiful and cool lighting and tableware. Light Spill Wall Lamp is a creative wall-mounted fixture that has a twist in its design. The lamp looks like it’s melting and spilling on the wall.

Creative Light Spill Wall Lamp

Cast in porcelain with retro silk braided flex and brass bulb holder, the wall mounted lamp comes in a range of patterns, that dribble from the interior of the vintage jelly mould and down your wall. Each oozy spill has different tantalisingly tasty fruit patterns, reinforcing the idea of a tantalizingly delectable treat.

Creative Light Spill Wall Lamp

Light Spill Wall Lamp is a fun accessory that can add an element of surprise to a traditional design. The lamp’s exterior or interior come in floral and fruity patterns.

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