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Ballet-Inspired Lounge Table

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Russian designer Anna Neklesa was inspired by ballet when designing Gisele Lounge Table. The table mimics ballerina’s tutu in the tabletop and legs in the base. The two-legged Gisele lounge table features intricate steel tutu that has storage space for magazines and napkins in its folds. And its figure wooden legs make a graceful stand mimicking ballet.

Ballet-Inspired Lounge Table

Low lounge table Giselle was inspired by russian [sic] ballet dancers. Top is made of sheet steel or aluminum, legs of painted wood. It has only two legs but it is stable and steady.
You can put napkins or something else into slots while eating a cake with coffee.

Looking like a half of a ballerina’s figurine Gisele Lounge Table is both creative and functional. The tutu folds make great storage pockets for small things. It’s handy, the tabletop doesn’t get cluttered and messy. It’s only for drinking coffee or tea, or eating stuff. Each family member or a guest can have his or her own storage fold for keys, magazines, or napkins.

Figured Gisele table is a definitely an eye-catcher. It is not only for modern or classic interiors, but can be used in a mix of several different styles. Its lines and structural forms can add visual details and depth to the design.

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