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Alexandre de Betak’s Cave House in Majorca

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Alexandre de Betak was dreaming about this Cave House for 10 years. After looking for a location for five years the design and construction processes have taken four years. The village the house locates is in the Tramuntana region, Majorca. Locating at the sea coast the village gives wonderful views on Mediterranean Sea.

Alexandre de Betak's Cave House in Majorca

The house is stylized as cave so there are not many straight angles. Everything inside and outside is done by Alexandre de Betak himself who is designer, an events producer, and art director, who’s worked on Dior’s and Rodarte’s fashion shows.

Alexandre de Betak wanted to make a perfect place for summer getaway and what can be better than a house byt the sea? The house is eco-friendly you can see there’s lot of wood beams and other finishing. There’s also a guest cabin built around the tree which was created a lot of trouble for builders.

It’s the most fun project I have ever done. I am a perfectionist, but you can’t make it perfect. The house was made for life, and it should never be really finished. It’s a good lesson. What in life is ever really finished?

Alexandre de Betak’s cave house looks really great even wild a bit. There’s lot of stone and curves there. Stones even make up shelves for books and ‘abat-jour’, I guess, for light bulbs. Alexandre de Betak’s admits he loves bulbs and uses lots of them in his shows. This house look like a great place not only to rest in but reside permanently.

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