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Transform Your Walls With Patterned Paint Rollers

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Patterned paint rollers are the double rollers that help create a pattern on a painted wall. One of the rollers is patterned while the other one brings paint to the stencil. The Painted House offers nine designs of patterned paint rollers for transforming not only walls but also fabrics and paper.

Transform Your Walls With Patterned Paint Rollers

Rollerwall offers an extensive number of prints as well including patterns from florals to graphic geometric shapes. Using these rollers is not difficult as well. The patterns are easily painted onto the wall with the roller and the paint layer is quite thin.

Patterned Paint Rollers

Transform Your Walls With Patterned Paint Rollers

The patterns can be very different so you can choose the one that will fit your interior design. It’s also a great way of sprucing up the decor without shelling out for wallpaper or entire wall renovation.

With patterned paint rollers you also don’t have to worry about perfecting the edges and seams like in wallpaper. Just carefully roll down the first line and just as carefully place the roller at the beginning of the wall as close as possible to the edge of the first line.

Transform Your Walls With Patterned Paint Rollers

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10 Responses to “Transform Your Walls With Patterned Paint Rollers”
  1. Poh Yee Says:

    Where can I get this type of roller?

  2. soosian Says:

    Where can I get this type of roller ? and able shipping to oversea?

  3. Arty Says:

    Hey, you can get one of these at The Painted House Etsy shop or at Rollerwall’s website.

  4. Irene Schaffer Says:

    Where can this item be purchased? I would love to have my living room done like this. Found this on Facebook.

  5. Arty Says:

    Hey, Irene you can byt these from Rollerwall or Painted House’s ETSY shop.

  6. Cora A. Torok Says:

    Hi, I would like to inquire about this Product. How much its cost and the delivery time. I live in Chicago, Illinois.

  7. Joan Zierhut Says:

    Where can I purchase these rollers?

  8. ma. cristina basilio Says:

    how can i buy these roll paint

  9. Daisy dela cruz Says:

    I am very excited to avail and purchase your roller where can we buy this, in Mindanao, Philippines…. Hoping to receive a response from you…. Thank you very much.

  10. Mona Liz Says:

    Hey Daisy,

    You can buy it on Etsy from The Painted House shop.

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