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Rieteiland House Made Of Glass

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The houses made of glass are a modern trend and Rieteiland House by Hans van Heeswijk Architects is one of those impressive projects that boldly use glass extensively in the design. The rectangle-shaped house is built in the park vicinity so it was decided to go for transparent walls to overlook the scenery from inside the house.

Rieteiland House Made Of Glass

The three-level abode is an amazing pavilion-like structure with a open space and a modern sleek interior design that is easily visible from the outside. But for the privacy sake the house is equipped with perforated and solid aluminum panels that covers it up when necessary.

The interior has some private enclosed space but the layout is open and airy divided into the zones. The levels are connected with sleek metal staircases that lead from one platform to another. The kitchen and dining are located on the ground floor while the living area is on the second level equipped with a fireplace.

The third level allows access to an open terrace that provides amazing views of water and greenery below. The lighting in the house is built into the ceiling and walls which makes for nice uniform glow.

Rieteiland House Made Of Glass

Some of the house’s furniture were designed specifically for the project including some of the amenities that are aimed at saving energy like the thermal energy storage and solar collectors.

The three-level enclosed block in the center of the house contains private spaces like bathrooms, storage, and a dumbwaiter. All three levels of the house are connected to each other thanks to open, no-wall architecture that makes for open spaces secured with transparent rails.

The house also features a basement and the facade turned to water are covered with shutters-like panels rather than solid panels that cover the sides and the back.

House Made Of Glass

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