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Coastal Kitchen Design Ideas

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Dreamy coastal kitchen can become a getaway on its own. Open space and lots of natural lighting is a great combination. To create coastal-themed kitchen opt blue and green color schemes. Pay attention to details and textures.

Coastal Kitchen Design Ideas

Color Scheme

Water color schemes set the mood for the coastal theme. Blues and greens as well as yellow and sand make for great combination. White can be used to balance out the main color scheme as well as emphasize the architectural details of the kitchen.


Choose wood for cabinetry and furniture. The walls can be painted but also covered with coastal theme tiles. Stainless steel kitchenware is also possible. Wicker and woven furniture and details will give the kitchen a more beach-y look.


Beach inspired accessories and decorations, pottery, flowers and fruit will add to the coastal kitchen decor. Also pay attention to lighting as it can too help emphasize the coastal theme.

Ideas For Coastal Kitchen Decor:

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