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Modern Teen Room Designs

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Modern teen room design can be stylish and cool. Sleek and minimalistic it can be enhanced and personalized with decorations and accessories. A modern teen room can provide a great study atmosphere.

Modern Teen Room Designs

Sleek Furniture

Opt for sleek modern functional furniture. It will give the room polished look without taking too much space. Choose furniture by function in sets or separately.

Neutral Color Scheme

Modern design is commonly made in neutral colors. Choose the color scheme of the room according with the tastes of its inhabitant(s). Pastels and brights can also be used in the room design, though. Neutrals can be used to balance out the brights.

Pops of Color

Bright accents can be added later in accessories and decorations. Feature wall can also be designed in some bright color that fits into the room’s color scheme. Bright accents will liven up the room adding depth to it. Adding artworks will personalize the room.

Teen Room Modern Style Design Ideas:

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