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Elegant Nursery Design Ideas

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Elegant nursery doesn’t have to be very formal. It can be sweet and sophisticated at the same time. To create such a look you can opt for a traditional style with refined aesthetics and decorate with vintage pieces and airy fabrics.

Elegant Nursery Design Ideas

Traditional Style

Classic or traditional style is both common and elegant. It is easy to create since one can find all the necessary furniture and decorations in traditional style on the market in abundance. The streamlined or even minimalist furniture creates a clean look while accessories and decorations can be used modestly, if not sparingly.  You can update a traditional style nursery with some vintage or exotic decorations or furniture pieces.

Calm Color Scheme

Soft, pastel and neutral colors create a calming atmosphere in the room. They also give the room an elegant and subtle look. Also adding muted or dusty hues to the color scheme can bring in some sophistication to the room design.

Vintage French Furniture

Create a beautiful and romantic yet elegant nursery with vintage French crib, sofa or wardrobe. You can go toward Shabby chic with painted wooden floors and floral patterns or you can create an opulent vintage French decor balancing the look of the lavish furniture with simple airy baldachin or window curtains and simple bedding.

Elegant Nursery Designs

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