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Holy Tristan: Re-Imagined Table Lamp

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Just recently we wrote about the new type of lighting – LED wallpaper so when we saw Holy Tristan tables by Michael Neubauer we got interested. Featuring concrete bases Holy Tristan tables have clear tabletops with built-in LED lighting. Having both functions the designer suggests the tables can be seen only as furniture items, lamps or both.

Re-Imagined Table Lamp

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Holy Tristan table lamps by Docstone

The patent pending design idea is the reinvention of a table lamp. The lit tabltetop acts as a lamp while it can also serve as a surface for cups, magazines, and other small items. Featuring a touch dimmer these minimalistic side tables come with patterned lit tabletops as well as clear plain ones called Tristan.

It’s always an interesting idea to try and cross the two objects and see what happens. The glowing tables are beautiful and stylish. The yellow green glow gives them the futuristic look while the patterns of light add detail to minimalistic design.

Michael Neubauer and Jan Fleckenstein behind the brand Docstone behind the designscreated a whole collection of lamps made partially of concrete. There is a spherical Isolde, Tristan, Little Miss Dynamite, and Mister Boom. The collection is as stylish as these playful table lamps.

Of course, these table lamps aren’t all-purpose; they are not desk lamps. But they can easily be used in the interior as ambient lighting. The sleek and stylish design will fit perfectly with the modern and industrial interiors.

Intergrated lighting is an interesting thing. We saw LED-lit outdoor furniture, sanitaryware, shower heads, and now wallpaper, but we must say these show a more elegant way of teaming objects with lighting.

What do you think about Holy Tristan table lamps?

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