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Unusual Coffee Cup ‘Power for Brain’ by Shinobu Koizumi

Creative tableware is an interesting way of serving the meal as well as decorating the kitchen or the dining room. 'Power for Brain' coffee cup by Shinobu Koizumi is a creative espresso cup to energize in the morning.

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‘Power for Brain’ is an unusual coffee cup designed by Shinobu Koizumi for “winding up” a brain early in the morning. The ‘Power for Brain’ coffee cup features a creative and appropriate handle that looks like a key winder.

Unusual Coffee Cup 'Power for Brain' by Shinobu Koizumi

The ‘Power for Brain’ coffee cup is made of porcelain with a platinum coated winding key as a handle. A little twist in the design makes an impact on the whole look. A creative cup is great for drinking espresso.

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