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How to Wash Silk Linens

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Silk linens are quite luxurious and expensive, but they can also be durable if properly cared for. Silk linens add gloss and shine to your bedroom. So if you decided to make such an investment you need to know how to make it last as long as possible. Proper care and wash will help you enjoy silk linens for several years. Silk is naturally strong fabric but harsh detergents and soaps can ruin the fabric pretty quickly. So even though the fabric is strong it still requires delicate care otherwise it will lose shine.

How to Wash Silk Linens

First of all, always read labels, instructions, packages and anything printed on your purchase. It might save you money and time that you might spend on repairing, returning stuff or seeking information on how to care for things you bought for your house. Manufacturers know their products well, so they are the best source of information on care, maintenance and other such stuff.

Silk linens are not difficult to wash or care for. While hand wash is the best way of cleaning silk bed sheets and linens machine wash is also possible, but obviously on a delicate cycle and short spinning cycle. The less fabric is squeezed and crammed the better it will look.

Mild detergent should be used to wash silk linens. Ask the store staff about the best washing product for their silk sheets and use it. Woolite is popular but not all manufacturers recommend it. The detergent should not contain toxic and harsh elements.

The water should be lukewarm (30 C (86 F) degrees) and, of course, no dryers, radiators, direct sunlight  or other heat sources to dry the linens. It can ruin the fabric and make it fade. Air dry silk linens lying flat on clean towels or bed, or clothes line but be sure there is no stretching. If hand washed roll the linens into the clean towel to remove excess water and let it dry.

Silk linens wash do’s and don’ts:

  • Do not use any products that contain bleach.
  • Do not rub fabric vigorously even if there is a stain.
  • Do wash silk linens separately from all other things.
  • Do not wash silk bedding if washing machine doesn’t have gentle or delicate cycle.
  • Do use a protective bag to wash silk linens in.
  • Do not squeeze or cram silk linens after hand wash.
  • Do not substitute detergent with a shampoo as it can stain silk linens.

If the linens were wrinkled during the wash use cool setting and iron only on the wrong (not shiny) side while the linens are still slightly damp.

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