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How To Clean Pillows

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Pillows make our beds ever so soft and cozy. Pillows can seem daunting to clean as they are quite delicate without anything to hold they filling together. There are a few types of pillows that all should be washed and cleaned differently. Follow a care label on a pillow if there is one.

Tips On Cleaning Pillows

Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow

Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow from Duvet Talk

Goose And Down Pillows

Goose and down pillows can be machine washed but there are a couple of nuances. First, don’t use agitator machines to wash your down pillows. Go with a front-loading machine making sure that your pillow can be moved freely within the machine.

Wash on a gentle cycle and dry on air cycle. Make sure that pillows are completely dry before taking them out and using them again as excess moisture may cause mold. You may put two wrapped tennis balls together with the pillows into maniche wash to fluff them.

Synthetic Pillows

Synthetic pillows can be washed in the machine on delicate cycle but with hot water. They are also easier to dry as they can take low heat, though be careful as the high heat may damage them.

Foam Pillows

Foam pillows should always be covered with protective cases as you cannot wash them. Vacuum and spot-clean your foam pillow and throw the cover into the washing mahine.


To maintain your pillows, be sure to change your pillow cases once a week to protect the pillow fabric and the filling from body oils and sweat. Wash your pillows twice a year. Bring them out into the sun once in a while to kill bacteria and dry out all the moisture. It’s always a great idea just to let your pillows, duvets, and matress sit on the balcony or a porch in the sun and fresh air.

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