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How to Combine Classic and Modern Styles

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Today we fast forward to the coastal city of San Sebastian, which is located in the north of Spain. It is close to the French border. In this area, the interior style is influenced by different cultures. We will consider a beautiful modern apartment designed by Mikel Irastorza, Spanish interior designer.

How to Combine Classic and Modern Styles in Interior Design

Apartment in San Sebastian, Spain designed by Mikel Irastorza

Apartment in San Sebastian, Spain designed by Mikel Irastorza


He was inspired by the past and had entered it to the present days. The result was an interesting option of open, clean and balanced space with furniture and original accessories from the last century.

Merging of centuries and cultures has created an interesting apartment. Here everything is divided into functional areas. There is a place with a comfortable sofa to watch TV.

Pay attention to the partition wall, which acts as the shelves. It is made in light tones and creates the effect that all the books, antique vases and other gizmos that are in it, as if hovering in the air. It is a very original trick. And things can be observed from different sides.

Mikel Irastorza separately designed an area for reading books with cushioned loungers. It is a bit surprising to see them at home, but you must admit that it is very comfortable. Lamps in the form of black pipes with bright color on this background are clearly distinguished and complement the interior, fulfilling its direct functionality.

Kitchen, dining and living together are sufficiently open. The main color is light with bright contrasting accents. For example, in the dining area the focal point has become a major architectural chandelier. It is decorated with gold leaf, has a large size and attracts attention immediately.

A beautiful antique table with carved legs plunges into the atmosphere of another era. It harmoniously synthesizes with the floor and chairs on each side. Since the main color is white, the chairs with mesh look great in this space, and give it lightness.

Despite the fact that the kitchen is small enough, it turned to be quite functional. There are modern appliances in it. Small tiles are used in finish. That makes this site practical, water-resistant and reliable.

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  1. Aygun Says:

    Thank you for nice and useful tips! Today is very popular trend – to combine modern and classic styles! I guess together they look more impressive due to their classic cozzyness and modern functionality! I like such combinations on! And my house I try to keep in such style!

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