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You Won’t Believe How Much These Affordable Homes Cost

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Students at Auburn University’s Rural Studio have been designing sustainable low-cost homes for the past ten years to accommodate rural poor, in the meantime redefining the affordable housing altogether. The houses are ready to be mass-produced while the first two test buildings are already sitting in Serenbe, Georgia.

Affordable Homes Can Be Produced for As Little As 20K

Art Farm Serenbe 20K prohect

The houses look as though they’ve been made out of shipping containers but material that’s cladding the buildings is corrugated metal. The students also used timber and what looks like used furniture that gives the white interiors a very shabby chic Scandinavian style look.

Both houses are under 550 square feet and offer one bedroom one bathroom layout with the adjoined kitchen and living room. The homes share the porch and an outdoor lounge dining area. The pathway towards both is covered with gravel while the surrounding area is planted with greenery and old trees.

The goal now is to obtain documentation and develop the project beyond the region and mass production of these low-cost homes. Would you want to live in one of these?

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